Colored Pencil on Paper, Tiger Head: 8″x10″ | Pensive Tiger: 5″x8″

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One of my favorite places in the world is the American Museum of Natural History. As a child, I was so fond of sketching in its halls, I dreamed of one day just moving in! Instead, I volunteered there, starting with creating a library cataloguing system for the Department of Anthropology while in high school. After work I would wander the museum, sketchpad in hand, until it closed.

These drawings are of the two tigers just outside the Hall of Ocean Life. I recall being offended by a nosy man, who intruded upon my privacy and insisted on peering over my purposely hunched shoulder and commenting unhelpfully on my progress. The first tiger’s expression mirrored my annoyance, and motivated me to take these sketches to a higher degree of finish than normal for these on-site sessions.

Today, Tiger Head is now the basis for my logo.

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