Sister Panther

Sister Panther

Ceramic, 11″ x 7″ x 5.5″

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As part of my upcoming show, both critiquing and celebrating the relationship between women and the media, I was inspired to create this sculpture bust of Shuri from Black Panther. What struck me about the character in the movie, was how well-rounded, capable and intelligent she was, and the fact that she was the one who actually created the necklace & suit that gives the Black Panther [his] super strength; yet she does not keep it for herself. But what if she did?

Interestingly enough, months after I first started working on this piece, I heard rumors that the next Marvel film might have Shuri taking on the role of the Black Panther. Was I prescient? My piece was initially created as a gentle critique, but perhaps it will end up being a full celebration after all. I certainly would welcome that outcome!

Sister Panther is in the process of being glazed, however I am accepting starting bids for the piece & the winning bidder can alter the outcome of the piece if desired! Please feel free to contact me if interested. In the meantime, I have more photos and video coming soon of this piece, so check back soon for updates!

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