Pencil on Newsprint, 18″ x 24″

Artwork will arrive matted & covered with a protective archival film. Framing is also available at additional cost after checkout.


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Skulls are a fascinating subject – they are at once a symbol of our mortality, and also a symbol of our humanity. Ubiquitously recognizable, the human skull lives beneath our skin, yet it also shapes it and makes us beautiful; it stands as a mute homage to our ancestry and ancient DNA.

This drawing was created painstakingly from a small photograph I found at the library, thus much of the detail had to be improvised. It took about 30 hours to complete.

It has hung lovingly in my own personal collection for many years, as one of my very favorite pieces, but in the interests of having space to create new work, I am finally (in 2017), ready to offer the original for sale. I have also scanned it in, cleaned it up and you may purchase high-resolution prints online as well, at the below link:

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  1. Loren

    This is so beautiful! I want to buy a print but can I have it signed?

    • Adesina (Author)

      Thank you so much Loren! Of course — Please email me at info [@] powerfulcreative.com, or just use my contact form: http://adesina.com/contact/ and then we’ll set it up! 😀
      – Adesina

  2. Hank Hill

    I am in mainland USA after a 12 month contract with work in Guam. I am a fan of your work. I anticipate getting some originals (yes, more than one). It is a pleasure to be connected via IG as well.
    Hank Hill, MD

    • Adesina (Author)

      Dr. Hill! So glad you are back in the USA! Thank you so much, I am honored <3. Anytime you are back in NYC, please let me know and I'll give you a studio tour :).
      Best wishes,


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