Anna – Detail

Anna – Detail

This Detail: Acrylic on Canvas, 10.5″x14″
(Full piece, not visible, is Mixed Media, 24″x18″)

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One of my long-time clients commissioned this piece originally as a “poem painting;” meaning he had written a poem which I would paint large on a canvas, and illustrate, similar to the illuminated manuscripts of old.

When I saw what a lovely young woman the subject of his poem was, I suggested we do a modified portait instead: half of the canvas would be a surrealistic portrait based on her likeness & personality, and the other half (not visible here) would be the painted poem.

As an added twist, I painted the background of the poem (not visible here) digitally on the computer, along with the text, and had that part sent out to be printed directly on the canvas. I then physically painted Anna, the lion, and the forward blades of grass and flowers that comprise the foreground, in Golden Open Acrylic paints, making this officially my first mixed media painting!

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  1. Annie

    I really love this.

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    • Adesina (Author)

      Thanks Annie, so glad you like my work, and thank you for subscribing!


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