India Ink on archival watercolor paper, 11″ x 14″

This was my first painting in this medium, which I did back in high school. I experienced a real thrill from the unforgiving nature of india ink: errors could not be lifted from the paper once the ink was put down. Thus it was exactly the kind of painstaking work I best enjoyed, and I spent weeks on this piece before I considered it complete.

Now for the first time ever, I am finally ready to let it go in order to make room for new art, and I am offering this precious childhood memory for sale to a loving home. This is an incredibly difficult decision, however I recognize that I have been slow to produce new work, because I have been comforted by the presence of my existing paintings in my home. So, it is time to set them free, like fledglings from the nest!

I have the piece framed in a simple white mat and black frame, but we can discuss more custom framing options should you decide to make it your own. Please feel free to contact me to make arrangements.

(Frame & Shipping Included)
Comes in simple mat & frame. Frame upgrades avail after checkout

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