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I had such a rewarding time volunteering to teach Drawing to children for Artistic Dreams International this past spring. The kids are great, ADI’s founder Lillian Alonso-Marin is a pleasure to work with, and I am so grateful to those people who came together to help out:

* Jessica Perilla, for assisting in class and for the wonderful photos posted here
* Emily Neil for coordinating and assisting in class
* Michelle S. for donating a ton of art materials so that the kids could draw in full COLOR
* My father, Jose R. Sanchez, for donating more pencils than we can ever use
* Charlie Winkler for coordinating and arranging to get materials
* NYPL’s Tiffany A for coordinating materials and enabling us to use that wonderful space
* And of course, Lillian herself, for allowing me to participate in such a worthy cause

It was truly a collaborative effort, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

If you’d like to support ADI’s mission to encourage, develop, and nurture creativity and self-expression in children and young adults through arts education, then please consider a tax-deductible donation online, or you can also donate your time and/or materials directly, by emailing ADI here.

If you’d like to specifically donate materials to my class in 2013, please get in touch so we can discuss.

Thank you so much for caring about kids and art!


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