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Art, Inspiration, Awareness
  • I Have A Dream 2013 by Artist Adesina postcards for sale
Adesina Tiger Logo Plate
Photo of the Adesina Tiger Saucer
Wakanda Mini
Photo of Wakanda Mini, a ceramic head sculpted by artist Adesina Sanchez
Sister Panther
Photo of Artist Adesina Desi Sanchez's ceramic bust, Sister Panther, pre-glaze
Naomi Wadler Drawing
drawing of Naomi Wadler
Objectification (I) Sculpture by Adesina
Close up image of Objectification I - a sculpture by artist Adesina
Pastel Portraits 2015: Ring Me In London
Pastel Portraits 2015: Looking Forward
Pastel Portraits 2015: Queen of the Sea
Pastel Portraits 2015: Planetary Princess
I Have A Dream 2013 - MLK Tribute
I Have A Dream 2013 painting
Fangasm Book Cover Illustration
Lovely Lady M & the Fantasy Feline
The Masters
Anna - Detail
Mural: Dreaming Lotus
Bleak Future
Watercolor painting by Artist Adesina Sanchez, titled Bleak Future
Rebirth Wine Bottle Series
F Train
The Open Porch
New Sight Blooms
Photo of large original skull drawing art by Adesina, Artist
Escape from the Chrysalis
Brave New World
Dahlia's Desire
American Peregrine
Monarch Butterfly
NYC Wildlife Drawings
Classic Femme Sculpture
Classic Femme sculpture by Adesina
Alms for the Rich
Jungle Cat
Soft Pastel Nudes
Commission: Her Day Mama
Commissioned Portrait: Melanie
Portrait Pencil Sketches
Polar Bear + Ball

Step Inside a World Full of Color and Art

Adesina is a passionate Pop-Surrealist artist and art enthusiast, based in New York City. She offers a unique collection of inspirational artwork, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and affordable art prints for sale, designed to inspire & raise awareness about current humanitarian and social issues.

Take your pick from a versatile array of original artwork and prints (including original skull framed art prints), or incorporate art into your everyday lifestyle: Whether it’s a colorful and flowery tote bag, a vibrant tee, a personalized post card, or a gorgeous phone case, there are a plethora of color options, sizes and themes available.

Get a peek inside Adesina’s world, where you’ll find art (and inspiration) on every corner.

Buy your favorite piece online and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep!

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