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I’ve been thinking a long time about branching out into digital painting. I’ve played with Photoshop painting in the past, mostly for the video game I’m working on, but I never tried to do anything realistic.

Well, anyone who knows me well, knows I love kpop :), so when I decided to finally give realistic digital painting a try, of course I picked one of the lovely ladies from the industry. Sonamoo is a new girl group that debuted last month; check out their music video for Deja Vu here ».

I based this painting on a screenshot, but it was done freehand and of course I had my own interpretation, so it’s not an exact copy (which I worried it would end up being — boring!), but actually something more: an illustrative work born of my combining traditional painting and digital retouching techniques. I like it!

If you like it too, please let me know and comment below! And if you’d like me to make a digital painting of you, feel free to contact me here ». <3

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I learned a long time ago – when you draw women, you better make them younger & thinner than they really are, or they get upset lol. But this lovely model – her lines and curves were too beautiful to minimize. So when I was done, I showed her and shyly apologized for “exaggerating” some of her features. She smiled at me and said “I don’t see ANY exaggeration.” What a breath of fresh air! Sending you all love & remember, you are perfect as you are!

“Queen of the Sea”, pastel pencils & Nupastel on toned paper, 9″x12″, by Adesina, 2015.

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I Have A Dream 2013 painting

Today we honor a man whose voice & vision carried a movement. It seems fitting to post my “I Have a Dream 2013” painting today. Thank you again to everyone who volunteered your voices and faces to this project – look at how beautiful we are when we come together! 🙂 And thank you Dr. King, for your inspiration & sacrifice. RIP.

Check out the full project (including the video!) at

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Live model, 2.5 hours, pastel pencils — This girl is an amazing model & it was only her 1st time! 🙂 Took some liberties with the colors & put some wind in her hair. I’m so amped to paint this weekend!

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