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Found this progress pic of one of my fave past pieces, “New Sight Blooms.” Took about 30 hours to paint this one; check out the others in the Rebirth Bottle Series here Β»

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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all have a great one, with the people you love.

In honor of the holiday and all the outdoor festivities, I thought I would share a photo I took in Central Park recently, in the Shakespeare Garden.

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Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Light & Sap Green = the perfect green for the stamen of a lily πŸ™‚

— And now,Β The lily & daffodil are done!

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Buy a Print of Dahlia's DesireThere’s a little gallery in the Village called Charmingwall, that for a time has been hosting a monthly exhibit, The 6×6 Project, where artists from far and wide create pieces that are exactly 6″x6″, on canvases they provide.

The show ends this December, however, so I decided it was imperative that I get a piece in before it closes, and the result, was Dahlia’s Desire.

Inspired by photos I took at Pike’s Place Market during a recent trip to Seattle, I chose a particularly brilliant dahlia as the focal point of the piece, whose come hither look (to me, anyway!) was purely irresistible!

Please feel free to click on the thumbnails below to see how the piece progressed from start to finish.


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I was recently commissioned by a gentleman who wished to surprise a dear friend with a one of a kind gift for her birthday – a poem he wrote himself, illustrated in a painting by me!

To start things off, we discussed the things that his friend liked most: favorite flowers & colors; I suggested that to compliment the poem’s spirituality, we could make the background ethereal and cloudlike, and use an elegant calligraphic font.

Soon enough, we were up and running, and I drew up a rough sketch in Photoshop. At the last minute, we elected to add his friend’s portrait to give it that personal touch, and the finished piece, in his words, “brought her to tears.”
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PleaseΒ feel free to click on the thumbnails below to see how the piece progressed from start to finish:


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