The Masters

The Masters

Acrylics on Canvas, 24″x24″

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I’ve always considered myself to be a figurative artist. Ever since childhood I’ve drawn and painted portraits of people and animals; occasionally objects and places. I prided myself on improving my technique and the closer I could come to trompe l’oeil, the happier I was.

But when Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, I was trapped in my Manhattan apartment, scared to even part the blinds and see what the howling winds were shouting about. I wanted to work on one of my commissions — Anna — but my mind wandered too much for that detailed process.

Instead, I picked up an unfinished canvas on which I had previously begun an unsuccessful self-portrait, covered it in black, and let the moment guide me.

The result was my first abstract painting ever, and when it was done, I knew this painting did not truly come from me; my mind does not work this way. The entire time I was creating it I felt as though I was in suspended animation, and chills ran continuously down my spine that had nothing to do with the world outside seeming to implode with the storm.

Two months later it hung nameless in my living room. I was reading a book, “Many Lives, Many Masters” and suddenly I realized what those orbs were and where this piece came from: the master spirits that guide us. And in that instant, I knew its title.

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