(Detail), Colored Pencil on Paper, 7″x8″ (full piece: 14″x11″)

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This is a detail of a larger, unfinished work. The model, intoxicated on some kind of psychotropic cocktail, represents modern ideals of beauty as I see them on the pages of magazines; an exaggeration (but not by much) of the slack expression and unkept personal hygiene that personifies “heroin chic.” Barely conscious, she reaches out with her left hand, and paws at the glass that separates her from us — the invisible wall between our regular lives and her “glamorous” existence. I gave her a tattoo on her palm of the “Ankh,” the Ancient Egyptian symbol for life, to be ironic.

I modeled her hand myself, rubberbanding the glass of a picture frame to my palm rather painfully, so that I could see how the skin looked pressed against it.

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