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Cartoon drawing of two sun conures on a branch, by artist Adesina Sanchez

Happy New Year! I’m so happy to ring in the new year with a pencil in my hand (actually several lol!). For my first drawing of 2023, I decided I wanted to bring some color into this wintery northeast weather, and I drew two fluffy, cuddly sun conures in love, snuggling together on a branch. Awww :).

When I first started sketching, I actually wasn’t even sure what kinds of birds I was going to draw; I only knew that I wanted them to be some kind of parrot. But as they started to take shape, I realized Valentine’s Day is coming up, and wouldn’t it be nice to get some reds and warm colors in there? And then the perfect bird came to me: sun conures!

It was so much fun using colored pencils and ink to bring them to life. I just love their little yellow bodies and the warm reds and oranges that punctuate their plumage, and I hope you do too! If you’d like to purchase this original piece (and maybe give it to your love for V Day?), feel free to get in touch via this form (opens in a new tab), and I’ll message you with my price list for both the original, or a print.

In the meanwhile, check out my Instagram to watch a time lapse of me drawing it, and let me know what you think!

Best wishes for a prosperous new year,

Adesina <3

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I am really enjoying drawing these portraits for the Charity Art Auctions. I don’t get to draw very often anymore, except as preparation for paintings, so it’s refreshing to be able to take them to a level of finish well beyond sketching.

This kitty was not initially part of the portrait, but the person said they liked animals and that I was free to use my imagination, so I thought it would be charming to add this little girl to the piece.

Funny thing is, she doesn’t exist in real life – I made her up from my imagination and from parts of other cats – my own cat’s eyes for example, inspired the lovely green. …I’m still waiting on the photo from the latest auction winner; maybe I’ll get lucky and it will actually be a pet portrait!


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