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I was nominated for the “Pen Challenge” by a friend on Instagram, but what to draw?! Well, my sweetie took a pic of me w/his cat while we watched the Pats/Hawks fistfight — err, I mean, Superbowl ;), and I thought, Purrfect! Pen is not exactly my forte, but I kind of like it!

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I’ve been thinking a long time about branching out into digital painting. I’ve played with Photoshop painting in the past, mostly for the video game I’m working on, but I never tried to do anything realistic.

Well, anyone who knows me well, knows I love kpop :), so when I decided to finally give realistic digital painting a try, of course I picked one of the lovely ladies from the industry. Sonamoo is a new girl group that debuted last month; check out their music video for Deja Vu here ».

I based this painting on a screenshot, but it was done freehand and of course I had my own interpretation, so it’s not an exact copy (which I worried it would end up being — boring!), but actually something more: an illustrative work born of my combining traditional painting and digital retouching techniques. I like it!

If you like it too, please let me know and comment below! And if you’d like me to make a digital painting of you, feel free to contact me here ». <3

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I learned a long time ago – when you draw women, you better make them younger & thinner than they really are, or they get upset lol. But this lovely model – her lines and curves were too beautiful to minimize. So when I was done, I showed her and shyly apologized for “exaggerating” some of her features. She smiled at me and said “I don’t see ANY exaggeration.” What a breath of fresh air! Sending you all love & remember, you are perfect as you are!

“Queen of the Sea”, pastel pencils & Nupastel on toned paper, 9″x12″, by Adesina, 2015.

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Live model, 2.5 hours, pastel pencils — This girl is an amazing model & it was only her 1st time! 🙂 Took some liberties with the colors & put some wind in her hair. I’m so amped to paint this weekend!

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Insomnia (1:37am) + my subconscious = This.

There are a lot of layers here and knowing myself as well as I do, I can figure out what much of it means, but — I’ll never tell ;). Feel free to speculate!

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Alternating between working on the video game and this commission 🙂 Got her inked up & now painting her in! This is my first time painting watercolor over ink, and I’m excited to see how it comes out!

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Today is Human Rights Day all over the world, and to commemorate it, I thought I’d share a sketch I did last night at a live model drawing session. He had such a striking face, and one of my fellow artists asked him where he was from – Tibet, he responded.

His place of origin reminded me of one of my former students at ADI, who was also from Tibet. She and her little sister shared with us the stories of the fear and danger that her family experienced there, where human rights violations are so common as the Tibetan people struggle for autonomy.

It touched my heart to think about her and what she went through, and what the man I drew last night may have also gone through (although out of politeness I dared not ask), so I decided to dedicate this portrait to the plight of those people on the other side of the world, fighting for the right to exist and be free. If you’d like to support the people of Tibet, please consider a charitable donation to

And if you have any other resources or stories to share on this topic, please feel free to comment below, and share with your friends. God bless <3.

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Found this progress pic of one of my fave past pieces, “New Sight Blooms.” Took about 30 hours to paint this one; check out the others in the Rebirth Bottle Series here »

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Finishing up my latest drawing, this time it’s Mickey 🙂

Hope you guys like this speeddrawing & have an awesome day!

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It’s not often that I draw cartoons, but I promised some friends I’d create a special portrait of their little girls, and because they love Mickey’s Clubhouse, I thought I’d incorporate some familiar characters. 🙂

I’m really enjoying it and even made a mini speed-drawing for my Instagram followers. Check it out below and feel free to give me a follow for more art!


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