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Insomnia (1:37am) + my subconscious = This.

There are a lot of layers here and knowing myself as well as I do, I can figure out what much of it means, but — I’ll never tell ;). Feel free to speculate!

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Checking out the work of Hans Witschi while up at the Vytlacil Campus. I met so many inspiring artists today and took lots of photos…more to come!

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I found a model of a brain and am really enjoying painting my own version of it for my mixed media piece. I am using a clear overlay so that I can move it around freely over the canvas, and also add more dimension.

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I love what happens when art gets weird.

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  • sculpey teeth
  • overdone teeth
  • weird teeth

I prepped them,

sculpey teeth

I baked them. Mmmmm, don’t they look good?

overdone teeth

weird teeth

This is getting too weird… time for bed!



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