Fun Friday: Finish My Drawing!

Fun Friday: Finish My Drawing!

UPDATE 6/25/13: Yay! Thank you to everyone who tweeted and posted your drawing completions last week!

As promised, I am posting my fave below, a hilarious scenario (and gender switch!) drawn by Yari Arenas of Yaritsa Arenas Design. Love it!


For those who are curious, please see the original post below for details on how we played this game, and check back next month to participate in the next one!


It’s Fun Friday! I used to love making collaborative drawings with my family and friends as a child – now I want to do the same with my online friends and family. 🙂

I drew this silly guy today at lunch – what would you add to this picture? Download the image here » and either print it out and draw on it by hand, or draw on it digitally.

Then, send me your drawing completion by posting a link here in the comments, or by posting it on my Facebook Page, and I will post my favorites here on my site and on social media!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and have a Fun Friday!


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